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Women's Raw American Records (retired as of 2014)

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Raw Open Women Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
44 kg / 97 lbsSquatKatlin Reyes87.50192.757/14/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
Bench PressKatlin Reyes45.0099.007/14/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
DeadliftKelli Lowenburg107.50236.757/14/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
TotalKatlin Reyes227.50501.507/14/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
48 kg / 105 lbsSquatAna Zigler105.00231.258/5/2012"Raw Nationals 2012" Killeen, TX
Bench PressCheryl Anderson67.50148.752/28/20142014 Arnold Sports Festival (Columbus OH)
DeadliftCheryl Anderson150.00330.502/28/20142014 Arnold Sports Festival (Columbus OH)
TotalCheryl Anderson305.00672.252/28/20142014 Arnold Sports Festival (Columbus OH)
52 kg / 114 lbsSquatSuzanne Hartwig-Gary (USA)150.00330.506/4/20142014 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships (Potchefstroom, South Africa)
Bench PressMarisa Inda85.00187.2511/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
DeadliftMarisa Inda165.00363.7511/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
TotalMarisa Inda387.50854.2511/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
56 kg / 123 lbsSquatCarmella Weinbauer142.50314.0011/9/2013River's Edge PL & BP Championships - Granite City, IL
Bench PressBecky Rich92.50203.753/5/2010"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
DeadliftKat Kasabuske157.50347.0010/25/2014Best of the Midwest Championships - Cedar Rapids, IA
TotalCarmella Weinbauer370.50816.7511/9/2013River's Edge PL & BP Championships - Granite City, IL
60 kg / 132 lbsSquatNicole Gonzales145.00319.507/12/2014Summer Power Fest - Spring, TX
Bench PressJennifer Thompson136.50300.753/2012"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
DeadliftJennifer Thompson195.00429.753/2012"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
TotalJennifer Thompson474.001044.753/2012"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
67.5 kg / 148 lbsSquatKimberly Walford186.00410.0010/18/20142014 IPF/PA Pacific Challenge (Sydney, Austrailia)
Bench PressJennifer Thompson140.00308.502/28/20142014 Arnold Sports Festival (Columbus OH)
DeadliftKimberly Walford240.00529.0010/18/20142014 IPF/PA Pacific Challenge (Sydney, Austrailia)
TotalKimberly Walford536.001181.5010/18/20142014 IPF/PA Pacific Challenge (Sydney, Austrailia)
75 kg / 165 lbsSquatSebrina Davis172.50380.259/28/2013Iron Wars - San Antonio, TX
Bench PressAllison Hind100.00220.2512/12/20142014 American Open (Washington DC)
DeadliftNancy Sarieh227.50501.5011/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
TotalNancy Sarieh462.501019.5011/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
82.5 kg / 181 lbsSquatAlicia Webb200.00440.7510/26/2014GA & Southern States BP & PL Championships - Norcross, GA
Bench PressTammy Walker115.00253.503/1/2013"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
DeadliftSebrina Davis212.50468.252/22/20142014 Aggie Showdown (College Station TX)
TotalSebrina Davis485.001069.007/20/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora CO)
90 kg / 198 lbsSquatAlicia Webb185.50408.753/22/2014Battle on the Border VIII - Denver, NC
Bench PressTina Robinson120.00264.503/1/2013"Arnold Sports Festival" Columbus, OH
DeadliftCristi Bartlett230.00507.008/10/2013"New Jersey State" New Brunswick, NJ
TotalCristi Bartlett512.111129.008/10/2013New Jersey State Championships
90+ kg / 198+ lbsSquatBonica Lough242.50534.507/20/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora CO)
Bench PressBonica Lough140.00308.507/20/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora CO)
DeadliftRebecca Holcomb230.00507.0010/26/2014GA & Southern States BP & PL Championships - Norcross, GA
TotalBonica Lough610.001344.757/20/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora CO)