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North Carolina State Raw Records

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Raw Master IA (40-44) Men Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
59 kg / 130 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
66 kg / 145 lbsSquatJoe Pacelli117.50259.0010/9/2010 
Bench PressRonnie Garner97.50214.7510/9/2010 
DeadliftRonnie Garner155.00341.5010/9/2010 
TotalRonnie Garner350.00771.5010/9/2010 
74 kg / 163 lbsSquatRobert Granko162.50358.0011/7/20152015 Fall Festival of Power (Denver, NC)
Bench PressRobert Granko125.00275.5011/7/20152015 Fall Festival of Power (Denver, NC)
DeadliftRobert Granko210.00462.7511/7/20152015 Fall Festival of Power (Denver, NC)
TotalRobert Granko497.501096.7511/7/20152015 Fall Festival of Power (Denver, NC)
83 kg / 182 lbsSquatDonovan Thompson (Carolina)215.00473.758/20/2011Scranton, PA (2011 Raw Nationals)
Bench PressDonovan Thompson (Carolina)163.00359.258/20/2011Scranton, PA (2011 Raw Nationals)
DeadliftTravis Pardue252.50556.506/4/2011Charlotte NC
TotalDonovan Thompson (Carolina)605.501334.758/20/2011Scranton, PA (2011 Raw Nationals)
93 kg / 205 lbsSquatThomas Hubscher222.50490.503/21/20152015 Battle on the Border (Denver, NC)
Bench PressDennis Reid175.00385.753/24/2012Fort Mill, SC (Battle on the Border)
DeadliftThomas Hubscher250.00551.0011/7/20152015 Fall Festival of Power (Denver, NC)
TotalAllen Davis617.501361.256/4/2011Charlotte, NC
105 kg / 231 lbsSquatSabre Schnitzer272.50600.7510/10/2009 
Bench PressSabre Schnitzer215.00473.7510/9/2010 
DeadliftZak Mayo300.00661.2511/1/20142014 Fall Festival of Power (Cary, NC)
TotalSabre Schnitzer752.501658.7510/10/2009 
120 kg / 264 lbsSquatThad Benefield275.00606.256/10/2015IPF Classic World Championships (Salo, Finland)
Bench PressThad Benefield205.00451.7510/18/20152015 Raw Nationals (Scranton PA)
DeadliftThad Benefield307.50677.756/10/2015IPF Classic World Championships (Salo, Finland)
TotalThad Benefield782.501725.006/10/2015IPF Classic World Championships (Salo, Finland)
120+ kg / 264+ lbsSquatMichael Neal325.00716.257/26/2009 
Bench PressMichael Neal242.50534.503/4/2011 
DeadliftRichard Wilcox300.00661.253/4/2011 
TotalMichael Neal855.001884.753/4/2011