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Men's Raw American Records (retired as of 2014)

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Raw Master IVB (75-79) Men Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
52 kg / 114 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
56 kg / 123 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
60 kg / 132 lbsSquatSteve Smith60.00132.257/2009Charlottesville, VA
Bench PressSteve Smith77.50170.757/2008Charlottesville, VA
DeadliftSteve Smith120.00264.507/2009Charlottesville, VA
TotalSteve Smith120.00264.507/2009Charlottesville, VA
67.5 kg / 148 lbsSquatMax Peek102.50225.7512/17/2011"Southside Classic" San Antonio, TX
Bench PressIosif Plagov88.45195.001/18/2014Wisconsin State Open - Greenfield, WI
DeadliftMax Peek147.50325.0012/17/2011"Southside Classic" San Antonio, TX
TotalMax Peek302.50666.7512/17/2011"Southside Classic" San Antonio, TX
75 kg / 165 lbsSquatSam Alduenda140.00308.507/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
Bench PressSam Alduenda117.50259.007/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
DeadliftSam Alduenda195.00429.757/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
TotalSam Alduenda452.50997.507/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
82.5 kg / 181 lbsSquatTito Bastianelli137.50303.0012/5/2010King of Prussia, PA "American Open"
Bench PressTito Bastianelli82.50181.7512/5/2010King of Prussia, PA "American Open"
DeadliftTito Bastianelli Sr185.00407.7512/7/20132013 Americn Open (Oaks, PA)
TotalTito Bastianelli Sr400.00881.7512/7/20132013 Americn Open (Oaks, PA)
90 kg / 198 lbsSquatTito Bastianelli137.50303.008/11/2012"New Jersey State" New Brunswick, NJ
Bench PressPaul Predecki115.00253.507/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
DeadliftPaul Predecki175.00385.757/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
TotalPaul Predecki417.50920.257/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
100 kg / 220 lbsSquatTom O'Keefe117.50259.0012/8/2013Colorado State Championships - Aurora, CO
Bench PressTom O'Keefe95.00209.2512/4/2011Colorado State Championships - Aurora, CO
DeadliftStanley Chatis172.50380.259/13/2014New York State Championships - Latham, NY
TotalTom O'Keefe370.00815.5012/8/2013Colorado State Championships - Aurora, CO
110 kg / 242 lbsSquatCharlie Doggett25.0055.007/16/2010Denver, CO "Raw Nationals"
Bench PressCharlie Doggett110.00242.507/16/2010Denver, CO "Raw Nationals"
DeadliftCharlie Doggett60.00132.257/16/2010Denver, CO "Raw Nationals"
TotalCharlie Doggett195.00429.757/16/2010Denver, CO "Raw Nationals"
125 kg / 275 lbsSquatGene Lawrence92.50203.7511/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
Bench PressGene Lawrence100.00220.2511/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
DeadliftGene Lawrence142.50314.0011/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
TotalGene Lawrence335.00738.5011/22/2014Arizona Fall Championships - Chandler, AZ
125+ kg / 275+ lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set