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Colorado State Records (retired as of 2014)

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Master II (50-59) Men Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
52 kg / 114 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
56 kg / 123 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
60 kg / 132 lbsSquatRobert Trujillo162.50358.004/30/20042004 USAPL Masters Nationals
Bench PressRobert Trujillo97.50214.7512/7/2003Colo State Pl & BP Championship
DeadliftRobert Trujillo190.00418.754/30/20042004 USAPL Masters Nationals
TotalRobert Trujillo447.50986.504/30/20042004 USAPL Masters Nationals
67.5 kg / 148 lbsSquatRobert Trujillo200.00440.754/20/19971997 USAPL Colorado Classic
Bench PressRobert Trujillo127.50281.0011/8/1997ADFPA Master's Nationals
DeadliftRobert Trujillo222.50490.504/20/19971997 USAPL Colorado Classic
TotalRobert Trujillo545.001201.504/20/19971997 USAPL Colorado Classic
75 kg / 165 lbsSquatMark P. Cucinella207.50457.258/2/20092009 State Games of the West
Bench PressPhillip Trujillo160.00352.508/17/20032003 Front Range Fort Lift - Fort Collins CO
DeadliftPhillip Trujillo217.50479.508/17/20032003 Front Range Fort Lift - Fort Collins CO
TotalPhillip Trujillo580.001278.508/17/20032003 Front Range Fort Lift - Fort Collins CO
82.5 kg / 181 lbsSquatTom Cencich207.50457.2512/5/20102010 CO State Championships
Bench PressTom Cencich210.00462.757/5/20132013 Pan Am Championships, Orlando, FL
DeadliftGeorge Burt226.80500.00  
TotalTom Cencich610.501345.7512/4/20112011 Colorado State Championship
90 kg / 198 lbsSquatRuss Clark265.00584.0012/4/20112011 Colorado State Championship
Bench PressTom Cencich202.50446.257/31/2011Rocky Mountain State Games
DeadliftRuss Clark275.00606.2512/4/20112011 Colorado State Championship
TotalRuss Clark722.501592.7512/4/20112011 Colorado State Championship
100 kg / 220 lbsSquatJoe Wing267.49589.70  
Bench PressSteve Harms185.00407.755/2/20092009 Mens Masters Nationals
DeadliftJoe Wing269.98595.20  
TotalJoe Wing677.491493.60  
110 kg / 242 lbsSquatDenny Taylor285.77630.00  
Bench PressJason Julian182.50402.2512/8/20132013 Colrado State Championships
DeadliftDel Worley260.00573.0012/8/2002CO State Powerlifting Championship
TotalDenny Taylor694.001530.00  
125 kg / 275 lbsSquatFrank Baja272.50600.754/3/20052005 Oxman Classic
Bench PressPreston Sumner182.50402.255/2/20112011 USAPL Masters Nationals, Atlanta, GA
DeadliftFrank Baja272.50600.7511/13/2005Colorado State Powerlifting Championship
TotalFrank Baja680.001499.004/3/20052005 Oxman Classic
125+ kg / 275+ lbsSquatBrent McCune279.87617.005/6/20012001 Masters - Kileen, TX
Bench PressBrent McCune189.60418.005/7/20002000 Masters - Cleveland OH
DeadliftBrent McCune319.79705.008/18/20012001 Alliance NE
TotalBrent McCune772.021702.005/6/20012001 Master's - Kileen TX