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Colorado State Records (retired as of 2014)

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Junior (20-23) Men Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
52 kg / 114 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
56 kg / 123 lbsSquatJames Radford157.40347.00  
Bench PressJames Radford82.44181.75  
DeadliftJames Radford167.49369.25  
TotalJames Radford407.44898.25  
60 kg / 132 lbsSquatJosh Rein167.50369.254/22/2006Oxman Classic VI
Bench PressL. Hanifen139.71308.00  
DeadliftJosh Rein190.00418.756/17/20062006 Teen/Jr. Nationals
TotalL. Hanifen457.231008.00  
67.5 kg / 148 lbsSquatJeremy Arias239.95529.00  
Bench PressJeremy Arias149.69330.00  
DeadliftJeremy Arias244.94540.00  
TotalJeremy Arias637.301405.00  
75 kg / 165 lbsSquatNicholas Hafner235.00518.0012/1/20122012 Colorado State PL Championships
Bench PressNicholas Hafner150.00330.5012/1/20122012 Colorado State PL Championships
DeadliftS. Schillinger285.77630.00  
TotalS. Schillinger650.911435.00  
82.5 kg / 181 lbsSquatBrendan Beikman287.50633.7511/13/2005Colorado State Powerlifting Championship
Bench PressNicholas Hafner185.00407.7512/8/20132013 Colrado State Championships
DeadliftBrendan Beikman265.00584.0012/12/20042004 CO State PL Meet
TotalBrendan Beikman678.501495.7512/12/20042004 CO State PL Meet
90 kg / 198 lbsSquatWade Amaral232.50512.5012/3/20112011 Colorado State Championship
Bench PressWade Amaral160.00352.5012/3/20112011 Colorado State Championship
DeadliftFred Safforld272.16600.00  
TotalWade Amaral635.001399.7512/3/20112011 Colorado State Championship
100 kg / 220 lbsSquatRhett Polka272.50600.75  
Bench PressRhett Polka209.90462.75  
DeadliftBlake Cassidy282.50622.753/10/20072007 Peak Performance
TotalRhett Polka759.781675.00  
110 kg / 242 lbsSquatCJ Garcia285.77630.00  
Bench PressCJ Garcia204.12450.00  
DeadliftKevin Westerhold281.23620.0012/2/1995 
TotalCJ Garcia762.041680.00  
125 kg / 275 lbsSquatKevin Westerhold312.07688.00  
Bench PressKevin Westerhold210.02463.00  
DeadliftKevin Westerhold322.05710.00  
TotalKevin Westerhold835.071841.00  
125+ kg / 275+ lbsSquatMatt Wendt288.03635.00  
Bench PressMatt Wendt174.63385.00  
DeadliftMatt Wendt272.16600.00  
TotalMatt Wendt734.831620.00