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Women's Raw American Records (retired as of 2014)

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Raw Master IIB (55-59) Women Powerlifting
Weight ClassEventName (Team)Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)DateLocation
44 kg / 97 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
48 kg / 105 lbsSquatKaren Poyner80.00176.2512/7/20132013 American Open (Oaks PA)
Bench PressKaren Poyner55.00121.2512/7/20132013 American Open (Oaks PA)
DeadliftKaren Poyner115.00253.5012/7/20132013 American Open (Oaks PA)
TotalKaren Poyner250.00551.0012/7/20132013 American Open (Oaks PA)
52 kg / 114 lbsSquatSusan Boon92.50203.752/22/20142014 Washington State PL Championships - Seattle, WA
Bench PressCynthia Goodrich55.00121.252/22/2014WA State PL Championships - Seattle, WA
DeadliftDebra Ustar115.00253.506/26/2010Cleveland, OH
TotalSusan Boon240.00529.002/22/20142014 WA State Powerlifting Championships - Seattle, WA
56 kg / 123 lbsSquatTo be set    
Bench PressTo be set    
DeadliftTo be set    
TotalTo be set    
60 kg / 132 lbsSquatEllen Stein130.00286.507/2009Charlottesville, VA
Bench PressEllen Stein65.00143.257/2008St. Louis, MO
DeadliftEllen Stein160.00352.507/2009Charlottesville, VA
TotalEllen Stein352.50777.007/2009Charlottesville, VA
67.5 kg / 148 lbsSquatPaula Collins115.00253.507/13/2013"Summer Power Fest" Spring, Tx
Bench PressCathy Marksteiner77.50170.757/18/20142014 Raw Nationals (Aurora, CO)
DeadliftPaula Collins142.50314.007/13/2013"Summer Power Fest" Spring, Tx
TotalPaula Collins320.00705.257/13/2013"Summer Power Fest" Spring, Tx
75 kg / 165 lbsSquatAlma M Kimura110.00242.502/22/20142014 WA State PL Championships - Seattle, WA
Bench PressMarilynn Mathis90.00198.257/10/2010Spring, TX "Summer Powerfest 2010"
DeadliftMarilynn Mathis147.50325.007/10/2010Spring, TX "Summer Powerfest 2010"
TotalMarliynn Mathis340.00749.507/10/2010Spring, TX "Summer Powerfest 2010"
82.5 kg / 181 lbsSquatDiane Kuhn117.50259.0012/13/2014Holiday Classic - Carrollton, TX
Bench PressDiane Kuhn67.50148.7512/13/2014Holiday Classic - Carrollton, TX
DeadliftDiane Kuhn145.00319.5012/13/2014Holiday Classic - Carrollton, TX
TotalDiane Kuhn330.00727.5012/13/2014Holiday Classic - Carrollton, TX
90 kg / 198 lbsSquatDiane Kuhn100.00220.258/10/2013"North Texas Showdown", Carrolloton, TX
Bench PressDiane Kuhn57.50126.758/10/2013"North Texas Showdown" Carrolloton, TX
DeadliftDiane Kuhn138.00304.008/10/2013"North Texas Showdown" Carrolloton, TX
TotalDiane Kuhn295.50651.258/10/2013"North Texas Showdown" Carrolloton, TX
90+ kg / 198+ lbsSquatSue Hallen138.35305.0011/3/2012"Hudson Natural Open", Hudson, WI
Bench PressSue Hallen92.99205.0011/3/2012"Hudson Natural Open", Hudson, WI
DeadliftJuanita Mangaoang157.50347.002/23/2013"Washington State" Seattle, WA
TotalSue Hallen369.68815.0011/3/2012"Hudson Natural Open", Hudson, WI